Mini Crane HVAC units

One of the biggest problems HVAC installers encounter in downtown Toronto: “How do I crane this unit into that place?” Everything is getting tighter in the city as the city expands and the trees grow and mature. Power, cable and telephone lines are appearing everywhere in older neighbourhoods as new technology arrives. That does not even count for new street cars lines/tracks and bike lanes reducing the number of areas you use’t to be be to work from. Mini cranes may be the solution to getting some of your HVAC units delivered.

Meet Braymore’s latest addition, the BG315 lift. It is a combination of knuckle and mini crane technology to assist you lifting items like HVAC units in spots where standard small city cranes do not have a hope of getting too.

This particular mini crane is small like a car that can maneuver into small places and can turn on a dime. The tank tracks allow it go offroad, getting the crane into spots that you would never dream of craning from. It can reach out 80 feet carrying a load anywhere between 700 and 5000 pounds, depending on how far you have to go. Best of all, it is a knuckle, which gives better precision in those really tight places.
What is even more amazing, is that is runs on remote control. No bad hand signals or crummy directions that cause accidents. The crane operator can be right there, looking from any angle, to make sure your HVAC unit gets placed with the care it deserves.

On this particular job. All the other crane companies said no, it’s not possible to get the crane in close enough to make the lift. The one that tried, spent 4 hours trying to get into a spot that was physically impossible to get in. Does not matter there was one in there before, it is impossible to get to where we need to anymore. Watch the above video to see how Braymore’s new mini crane, opened doors for this HVAC installer to save his day and get the new replacement HVAC unit into place.

Using a spider crane to lift HVAC unit and accessories in a back laneway where regular city cranes cannot fit.

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