Our Work

What can we lift?

Technically anything as long as it meets the weight and distance specifications of the crane being used. And has a safe way to rig it to our crane. Braymore has lifted many items over the years including, but not limited to hot tubs, swim spas, safes, glass, HVAC units, pianos, statues, misc. skids and materials for lots of its other customers. Ask one of our crane specialists to see how we can help you.

Crane Hot tubs and Swim spas

When Braymore says it is the number one craning solution for swim spas in southern Ontario, it means we do a LOT of swim spas and also into a lot of places that your standard crane cannot go. Don’t take our word for it, call around and see for yourself. Our cranes were designed with craning swim spas in mind. Large cranes do not work for every situation. Braymore has solved many impossible deliveries with it’s combination of knuckle and spider cranes. Coming up with some really creative solutions to save customers thousands of dollars and/or make the difference of giving them the chance to actually own a swim spa or hot tub.

Craning Glass and Construction Materials

Having cranes that can fit and/or get into tight places is a life saver for any contractor building or modifying any home in the city. Especially those heavy items that need to go upstairs. Whether it is glass, steel, wood trusses or any other material needed, Braymore has knuckle and spider cranes that are able to lift in some very tight quarters.

Crane HVAC units onto roof

HVAC units are not light and generally have to be craned onto the tops of buildings. This is one of those places where knuckle cranes can really shine. Having a the ability to work in a smaller foot print then traditional stick cranes and being able to reach in from the roof line is a real game changer. Add in the radio remote control to operate the crane, it is a game changer. It removes all the bad hand signals and the most common feedback we receive is: “I cannot believe how smooth that lift was!”

Crane Furniture

Getting large pieces of furniture up staircases or into small elevators is not always possible. Cranes give you some alternatives if you have large windows or balconies to work with.

Using a spider crane to lift a china unit up onto a balcony of an apartment building

Crane Pianos

With our origins coming out of piano moving, Braymore of course cranes pianos along with other furniture that cannot fit up the stairs. Whether it is a large concert grand piano, or your standard upright piano that you cannot get in the front entrance or up the stairs. Braymore has some of the best craning options available for getting your piano into your home.

Crane people using a Manbasket

Sometimes you need to get to some really high, hard to reach places to do something. With over a hundred feet of reach on Braymore‚Äôs knuckle crane, Braymore’s man basket might be the solution to your problem. Whether it is for cutting or maintaining trees or hanging Christmas lights, it might be a good solution for you.

Crane anything…

These are just a few things we have craned over the years and have experience doing. It is impossible for us to list everything we’ve craned. If you are not sure, ask us and we would be happy to assist you with your needs.