Moving and Craning Swim Spas

Looking to crane your swim spa? Swim spas are generally 8 feet wide, 12-19 long and weight 2000-4000 pounds. You must have the right equipment and know how to move them. Braymore moves a LOT of swim spas each year and has the right equipment to do it. Braymore is connected with most the swim spa stores across southern Ontario. To see a few moves first hand, watch some of the videos below.

What can I expect to see for my swim spa delivery?

Most people want to know what to expect before delivery time happens. This next video gives you an idea of what a typical swim spa delivery will look like.

This video show a typical swim spa delivery.
This video shows swim spa being delivered into a backyard.
This video shows another typical straight forward swim spa delivery over a house with a crane.
This video shows a very complex crane swim spa delivery trying to get a swim spa into a backyard with a number of mature trees in it. A large crane was not an option here without clearing a number of trees out of this customers yard. Spider crane to the rescue.
This video shows a very complex crane swim spa delivery where placing a large crane in front of the house was not an option. This swim spa had to be manually moved down a very tight laneway between houses and then using a spider crane to manipulate it into a sunken pit so it would be flush with the ground.

As you can see by watching some of the above videos, Braymore has done some very simple and very complex swim spa deliveries. When you are spending this type of money, you want to make sure it is done right the first time. Want to see more? Click here: Braymore on youTube to see more videos.

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