Crane Furniture

Braymore has a lot of experience when it comes to using a crane to get furniture into peoples homes. If there is one thing that Braymore has learned over the years is the architects today are not designing new homes with getting your furniture into it.

Using a knuckle crane to hoist a dining room china unit onto a condo balcony

Some buildings the elevator is too small and craning in the balcony or a large window is the only viable option. With Braymore’s experience as a specialty mover they have the ability to help you or your household mover complete the job and get you moved in safely.

Using a knuckle crane to bring a large dining room set through an apartment building window

Some houses, the staircases are just too small or have tight turns making it impossible to get your furniture in. If you have a balcony or large window, Braymore might be able to still help you get your piece to the floor you want it to go.

Using a knuckle crane to lift a juke box to a third floor balcony of a house

Large sofas are a common problem with new homes and the tight turns that builders are putting in the staircases. Just because they can walk up or down the stairs, does not mean your sofa can.

Craning a sofa onto a balcony of a house
Crane operator on balcony using a remote control to operate crane so he can see exactly what needs to be done.

A lot of new homes are building kitchens on second and third floors of houses. With staircases getting tighter craning large appliances like fridges is becoming more common.

Craning Appliances through Juliet balcony at the side of home

Not sure how to get your furniture up? Call our crane specialists to see what craning options might be best for your furniture.

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