Crane steel beams

A major problem on many construction sites is: “How do I lift these crazy heavy steel beams into place?” You know the workers do not want to lift them, one minor slip and they can injury a worker faster then you can blink. Spider and knuckle cranes can give you safer moving options that did not exist before.

Using a spider crane at a construction site in Toronto to move and place steel beams

The biggest advantage to spider cranes, is there tank tracks. These cranes are designed to off road and move through some really nasty conditions to get where you need them to be. As long as there is a clear path, they can move all over the construction site to do lifts all over the property.

Spider crane hoisting beams to second floor

Smaller is better, for craning some items. What good is a big crane, if it cannot reach the spot you want it to go.

Using a knuckle crane to lift a large steel beam over a house

The advantage with knuckle cranes is their further reach and ability to lift in spots where traditional cranes do not have a chance. They can reach under power lines and trees. The knuckle allows the crane boom to move into positions you would never even consider with traditional stick cranes.

Knuckle crane lifting a steel beam to the front entrance of a home in Toronto
Knuckle crane lifting a large steel beam under power lines and tree to the front door of a home.
Using a knuckle crane to feed a large steel beam into a house
Let the knuckle crane do the heavy lifting for you.
Using a knuckle crane to lift a steel beam into a yard
Lifting a steel beam over a fence and into a back yard.

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