Crane Man basket

Have you ever looked at something and said: “How in the world am I going to get up there?”

Using a crane man basket to lift person up to work on the side of a house

Placing a man basket on a knuckle crane, gives you some really amazing options for working at heights. You can basically lift yourself or someone else at any where that the crane can reach. With over a 100′ of boom, that opens some really interesting doors. This allows you to also lift yourself over ground that cannot traversed by other options: like sissor lifts.

Using a manbasket on a knuckle crane to service a flag pole on a building

The other big advantage, is duel purpose craning. For the arborist, you can use the basket to get you up where you need to go. Then use the knuckle crane to lift pieces down from where you are working.

Using a knuckle crane to assist is safely bringing tree branches down to the ground

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