Mini Crane HVAC units

Lifting a HVAC unit in a back alley in downtown Toronto using a spider crane.

One of the biggest problems HVAC installers encounter in downtown Toronto: “How do I crane this unit into that place?” Everything is getting tighter in the city as the city expands and the trees grow and mature. Power, cable and telephone lines are appearing everywhere in older neighbourhoods as new technology arrives. That does not … Read more

Mini Crane swim spa under trees

Spider crane lifting a swim spa in a backyard under a number of tree branches in Toronto

What do you do when trees are blocking your crane lift? Cut the trees down? Or look for alternative craning options that can get around your trees. A mini crane might be a possible solution for you. As you can tell from this video, it was an extremely tight fit. Unfortunately, we did have to … Read more

SPYDERCRANE swim spa into pit in Toronto

Spider crane lifting a swim spa into a pit for a home in downtown Toronto

One question that people ask, is how can I get my 2000-4000 pound swim spa into a sunken pit in their backyard. SPYDERCRANE’s are one solution used for solving this problem. As you can tell from the video, this move is not for the faint of heart and requires true swim spa moving experience to … Read more

BG Lift mini crane armour stones

What do you do in cottage country, when you have some large heavy armour stones to place around your property? Bobcat, tele-handler might work in some situations, but what if the terrain doesn’t allow for them? Mini cranes are often over looked for this type of work and may provide you with options that are … Read more

Spider Crane construction materials

Construction sites can be an absolute disaster for moving and lifting things around. Other construction sites could be almost completed and are looking for ways to move things without damaging stuff that is already completed. This video shows just one of many ways that spider cranes can be useful on a construction site. It can … Read more