Crane Pool

Swimming pools are enormous! You might ask: “How do I get them into my backyard?”

Using a large knuckle crane to lift a fiberglass pool over a house

Getting the right crane or cranes to lift your swimming pool is your only real option. There is no right answer here, every situation is different and has to be evaluated correctly beforehand as to what you really need.

Crane a large pool over a home and into a sunken pit

In most situations the crane has to be able to lift your swimming pool all the way to its final destination in one shot. Having the correct crane spec’d beforehand is critical. Make sure you talk to a crane specialist to make sure you have the right tool for the job.

Using a large knuckle crane to lift a swimming pool over a house

In some cases that crane is just to large or expensive, that it blows the budget. Or physically cannot fit in front of your home. Talking to crane specialist like Braymore, can sometimes help you come up with alternative solutions to doing the exact same job, at a more reasonable price point. On this particular job, using two smaller cranes cut the cost of the lift in half and saved the customer over $5000. Where they used one crane to get it over the house and a spider crane to land it in its final destination.

Using a spider crane to place a swimming pool into the ground

Talk to a Braymore Crane specialist to see what cranes might be best for moving your swimming pool.

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